What Decision Intelligence can do for marketers

Graph containing competitor market research

Define your competitive set

Our brand-tracking technology pinpoints your competitors’ value proposition and key customer groups, so you can develop positioning and campaigns that set your brand apart.

Segment your consumers

With our target market research, develop customer segmentation that encompasses financial well-being, spending habits, political attitudes, personal values and more.

Gen Z statistics via morning consult survey research
Predictive analytics data conveying consumer behavior

Get ahead of market needs

Conventional market research methods measure the past, but our technology anticipates future consumer behavior, helping you shape offerings that capture demand ahead of time.

Develop customer-centric messaging

Our forward-looking consumer behavior research gives you visibility into customers’ desires, fears and beliefs — so you can create collateral that actually resonates.

Data driven messaging
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Calibrate offerings to economic conditions

Because our technology combines brand tracking with economic data, you can develop pricing and sales strategies that align with your consumers’ current financial situation.


Know which campaigns will resonate with key consumers before going to market through our message-research technology, designed to identify breakthrough messaging.

Platform to measure marketing campaign

Let’s talk about how Morning Consult’s solutions can work for your team.

Why marketing teams need Morning Consult

We build customized solutions for marketers based on the team’s goals, needs, deliverables and research experience. With our technology, you’ll have:

Brand awareness survey

A single, trustworthy source of data across markets

You’ll have a clear, cohesive story about your brand, rather than having to cobble together a narrative from disparate data sources.

Predictive insights you can act on today

While conventional market research describes the past, we predict your market’s future, helping you design a strategy that stays ahead of your consumers and your competitors.

Predictive analytics platform
Business intelligence reports

A research partner and advocate

Our data experts will partner with your team, providing research analysis and technology support as we tackle your organization’s most pressing questions.

Intuitive platform for tracking and presenting results

Your team can easily measure marketing campaigns and visualize their impact on key brand metrics in the Morning Consult Intelligence platform.

Campaign tracking dashboard

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Morning consult case study for retail industry

E-commerce case study

通过我们的custom segmentation, an e-commerce giant gained a deeper understanding of its target audience and tailored brand campaigns to align with these actual consumers’ needs and desires.


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