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The House GOP’s Agenda for the Next Congress Isn’t Particularly Popular

Few Americans want Congress to prioritize investigations into Hunter Biden, Anthony Fauci

Republican Voters Want Next Congress to Cut Clean Energy Spending, but It’s Not One of Their Top-Ranking Priorities

The general electorate is less enthused by the prospect of prioritizing the cutting of spending focused on developing clean and renewable energy sources

DeSantis Pulls Record-High 2024 Support After Midterms

33% of potential 2024 GOP primary voters would back the Florida governor if the 2024 primary were today, up from 26% ahead of the midterms

How Long Can We Expect October’s Long-Overdue Inflation Relief to Last?

All five of Morning Consult’s Supply Chain Indexes of Consumer Inflation Pressures showed signs of easing in October — the first time this has happened since tracking began in March

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